About me

I am a research associate at the University of Münster, Germany and a current Visiting Assistant in Research at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University.

My research focuses on sustainability governance in international value chains and the options of states, firms, NGOs and other actors to improve the environmental and social sustainability of commodity production.

The questions that fascinate me are the following: who defines and controls what sustainability means in the marketplace? What types of rule-making and enforcement mechanisms exist that govern these processes, and how effective are they in creating change? Do they set the right incentives for market actors, particularly those in the Global South, to adhere to them? As global production and consumption processes are threatening to erode our planet’s resources, what actions can states and non-state actors take to steer these processes into more amenable directions, and how do these actions work within the market framework?

To learn more about my current research projects, please visit my research page.

To have a look at both academic and non-academic work I published in recent years, please look at the publications page.

I also conceptualize and teach undergraduate courses at the University of Münster. You can learn more about these courses and download sample syllabi on the teaching page!

My full CV, including my academic career as well as work experience in various international organizations, can be found on the CV page.

Finally, I am involved in several side projects that aim to cross the divide between the academic and non-academic space and inform policy-makers and the public on the politics of sustainable food systems. The ‘other projects’ page summarizes these efforts.

If you would like to get in touch, please find my email address and various networks on the contact page. I look forward to being in touch!