Janina headshot 2020I am a postdoctoral researcher in ETH Zurich’s Environmental Policy Lab, which is affiliated with ETH’s Dept. of Humanities, Social, and Political Sciences as well as the Dept. of Environmental System Science. As of September 2021, I will be an Assistant Professor of Business and Society at ESADE Business School in Barcelona in their Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability.

My research focuses on sustainability governance in international value chains and the options of states, firms, NGOs and other actors to improve the environmental and social sustainability of commodity production.

The questions that fascinate me are the following: who defines and controls what sustainability means in the marketplace? What types of rule-making and enforcement mechanisms exist that govern these processes, and how effective are they in creating change? Do they set the right incentives for market actors, particularly those in the Global South, to adhere to them? As global production and consumption processes are threatening to erode our planet’s resources, what actions can states and non-state actors take to steer these processes into more amenable directions, and how do these actions work within the market framework?