Media and engagement

08.01.2019: As a follow-up to the Specialty Coffee Assocation’s Sustainability webinar, I wrote an extensive Q&A to answer questions viewers had about the macro-economic sustainability of the coffee market and farm profitability. It was featured on the SCA website.

14.12.2018: I contributed a feature article for Issue 7 of the Specialty Coffee Association’s 25 Magazine that examines the coffee price crisis, the role of price discovery through futures markets, speculation, and price volatility. It was translated into Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian.

12.11.2018: My research on the rebound effects of switching to vegetarianism was featured in this BBC article called ‘Swapping t-bone for tofu’. I was also featured in the article and argued for the need to look at full lifestyle changes for sustainability, including but not limited to one’s food choices.

25.09.2018: I was invited as a panelist in the second Sustainability webinar of the Specialty Coffee Association. The webinar focused on the 2018 price crisis and the reaction of the industry, as well as broader reflections on price volatility and commodity markets. You can find the recording here.

20.06.2018: The TRANSSUSTAIN’s index for voluntary coffee sustainability schemes was the focus of this article by the Daily Coffee News.